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  • The foundation of every successful business is clean financials. At the most basic level, your company needs to track outgoing money (accounts payable), incoming revenues (accounts receivable), and the details in between. The Number Mill provides impeccable support for AP, AR, bank reconciliation, 1099 preparation, sales tax reporting, invoicing, and monthly financial reporting via QuickBooks.
  • Employees are at the heart of your company. We take care of new-hire documentation for legal compliance, payroll setup, benefit enrollment, and any other details that interfere with the business of work. As you grow, we assist with employee handbooks, safety programs, job descriptions, harassment training, compensation analysis, workers compensation, termination assistance, and all your higher-level human resource management needs.
  • Our expertise helps you analyze your next financial steps. We are deft with cash flow analysis, overhead calculations, audit preparation, general ledger setup, year-end closeout, tax preparation, budgeting, cost analysis and controls, securing lines of credit, accounting policies and procedures, and liaising with CPAs. We ask the right financial questions and implement the answers that move your business to the next level of success.
  • Get back to the work you enjoy. Our extensive network of small business resources allows you to connect with the right providers quickly and efficiently. We can manage those relationships, clearing the clutter of phone calls and emails out of your path. We are well versed in setting up management reporting systems and controls, managing cash flow, budgeting and controlling costs.
  • Your company is humming along, and now is the time to look forward. Do you have goals in place for both the short and long term? Are you forecasting budgets and operations? Do you have the right people on board to achieve your objectives? The Number Mill is prepared to assist you with workforce planning, risk assessment, investment opportunities, management and leadership training, culture issues, and business plan development. We can also help you navigate entity transitions with minimal disruption to your operations.
  • You’ve turned your talent into a fully thriving business — but now what? Not everyone has the time or expertise to handle all the issues that come with running a successful company.

    The Number Mill is a full-service company that provides bookkeeping, business management, human resources, controller and consulting services to small businesses. We can help you navigate the labyrinth of real-world business operations so you can offload whatever is distracting you from focusing on your passion.

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We create solutions that let you run your company at optimal performance. We’re invested in your success and consider ourselves part of your team. We can also connect you with whatever resources you need to complete that team, using our time-tested relationships with CPA firms, financial planners, benefits administrators, payroll companies, tech firms and more.


Third-party vendors love working with us because they can be confident your books are accurate and your operations are running smoothly, allowing them to focus on their expertise.


Our flexible services can be tailored to your comfort level. We can start slowly, providing hourly consulting services, or we can go all in, restructuring your company from the ground up and becoming full partners in your long-term accomplishments.


We work with you to create stellar financials via QuickBooks, building the foundation for sound strategic planning, both today and for the future. Beyond financials, we can analyze your risk exposure in all aspects of your operations, such as making sure you carry the correct business insurance or implementing employee legal compliance and safety programs.


Most importantly, we save you money. We cut down on time spent trudging through your documents, identifying and fixing mistakes.


We serve clients in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York, working either on site or via remote access and Dropbox. We love working on Macs, but are equally savvy with PCs. Our office runs paperless via online collaboration tools for just about everything.

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  • JENNIFER FAWCETT Owner / Principal
    Jenn has a 20 year background of working in small business. A staunch advocate for entrepreneurs, Jenn’s strength is in helping businesses reach their full potential. Her expertise lies in assessing the integrity of financial reporting, implementation of systems for efficiency, and engaging with owners on effective strategies that impact their overall financial health. In 2009 she founded The Number Mill, and continues to engage in a contract and consulting capacity with clients past and present.
  • LYNN CHOCK SPHR, Specialist
    Lynn’s 20 years in professional business brought success as an accounting and business manager of two profitable professional services companies. Combining finance with human resources, Lynn capitalized on her talents of business aptitude, ability to understand employee issues and to proactively find avenues for improvement. Joining The Number Mill allowed her to shift focus to HR consulting and helping small businesses thrive.

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